candied(Ice) kernel

based on cyanogen kernel for LGE msm7x27(T) devices (for gingerbread, ice-creamsand-wich and jellybean)

Hello and welcome

Some information's about this kernel project

This kernel is created for the LGE p500 by using the official cyanogen kernel for LGE msm7x27(T) as base. Since I started my work there are lots of modifications implemented, for example:


I'm not responsible if you brick your device by heavy OC, flashing ... Using using very high frequencies (> 729Mhz) is dangerous and can melt your phone main board!

Before flashing this kernel

Kernel source based on 2.6.35 are for use with gingerbread (2.3) and ics/jellybean (use special ics version). This means older android versions (2.2 and older) are not compatible. If you have problems with other roms than cyanogen (or cyanogen based), this kernel is maybe not 100% compatible with your rom.

Download locations

Released kernels

Test-Builds (no support)

kernel build made with jenkins build-server (everytime commits are pushed to git)


Which kernel version should I choose?


If you always want the highest possible frame rate, you should take this one. (Disadvantage tearing)


No tearing, constant frame rate (60fps) If the frame rate (60fps) isn't possible, the fps is divided by two (30fps -> 15fps and so on)

Explanation of the abbreviations

When will you release a new version?

New versions are released if changes are implemented, tested and if I think they are good enough to be released. Successful implemented changes of an unreleased version can be found an in the changelog.

Will this kernel work with rom xyz?

This kernel is based on cyanogen kernel. If the ROM you use is cyanogen 7 or based on it there should be no problems. I guess it should work with every gb rom, but there is no guarantee.

If you use a gingerbread ROM which is not based on cyanogen, feel free to test yourself (Create a backup, flash kernel and test it) and share your result with us.

How do I install the kernel?

Could you include ...?

Tell me what you like to see and if possible the sources. I will take a look at and decide if it can be included. (and if I want to)

I found an error. / I have a problem. What can I do?

Post your problem at xda-developers. If you are using my kernels on other ROMs than cyanogen or with older android versions, please keep in mind that your ROM is maybe incompatible with this kernel.